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The Darkness of Denial

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Author's Note
Picture of Author, Joel L. Kruger

JOEL L. KRUGER, JD, after practicing law for over 30 years, pursued his passion to write full-time. He is dedicated to illuminating the darkness surrounding alcoholism. He is the author of The Best Foolproof Alcoholic Screening and a few other books. He has
accrued 2
years of sobriety and lives in Tulsa.

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This is an excerpt from a 30-minute speech Abraham Lincoln delivered on February 22, 1842. The 33-year-old lawyer spoke to the Springfield Washingtonian Temperance Society. His speech wasn’t expected. He expressed compassion for the alcoholic and suggested a compelling message must come from one who had similar experiences—lecturing the alcoholic doesn’t work.


The Washingtonian movement was founded in 1840, membership rose above 500,000, but divisiveness caused its demise.


This is a unique rendition of Lincoln’s handwriting created by examining documents in his hand.

©2018. Joel L. Kruger. All rights reserved to everything contained herein other than public domain material.

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